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Jul 10, 2011 10:45am EDT
and our museum. if you choose to become a member tonight, we will give you a copy of the book. jon meacham leads tonight's discussion, a pulitzer rise-winning author and commentator on politics, history and religions based in america. he?g is editor at large at wnetg public media and contribute torg the pbs news magazine "need to know." since we're recording tonight's presentation on booktv, have to ask your questions from the microphone right here. we won't be able to accept questions from your seat. but now join me, please, in welcoming our guest. [applause] >> oh, i loved it. thank you. thank you all very much. thank you to the tenement museum which has in a relatively short time become such an importanty part of the fabric of the city. you hear a lot about it even in the american south where i come from, and they actually are struck that not everything is a tenement. [laughter] but, and so they can come and look and see what it used to be like. but thank you for your hospitality. and congratulations to louisa who has written, i think, a wonderful book, a deeply researched and engagin
Jul 10, 2011 9:00am PDT
who says he's got a 25 year record of being right about predictions. jon swartz and ben par are here. six books, three ipad or iphone apps, and something else. a newsletter and a website. >> yeah, exactly. six companies over the years and a variety of fields. actually more than three apps. there's a number of them that you can't get in the store, you can't find anywhere. and they're international and doing great. >> so you're work much harder than the rest of us. i used the eli lilly example of skipping the problem. that's interesting advice. give me another. >> understand whatever problem you've got, no matter what it is, that's pot it. you're smart. you would have solved it by now. you're working on the wrong one. for example, people will say i can't save money. i'm trying hard, i just can't save money. wrong problem. it's how you spend problem. change how you spend money and you'll save money by default. when i launched my first apps, i was told how are you going to be found in the apple store. and i decided to skip it, don't be found in the apple store, make every app that i rele
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2